Friday, May 30, 2008

World War II Veterans Are Dying at Rate of More Than 1,000 a Day

The Associated Press has released a story about the current death rate of World War II veterans.

Once 16 million strong, U.S. veterans of World War II are dying at a rate of more than 1,000 a day and now number about 2.5 million, the Department of Veterans Affairs estimates.
In terms of when these vets will no longer be with us, the current estimate is 2020. The AP quotes a historian form a World War II museum.

... judging by the passing of the World War I veterans, we're predicting they will all be gone by 2020.

Veterans have come to see the importance of making sure their history is record. A Navy Cross recipient said:

There was a time when it was difficult to talk about some parts of it. But not any more. Now it's important to get it down.


Times Have Changed, for Better or for Worse said...

I heard the rate was up to 1800 a day, with only 3 million left of the Greatest Generatin....

Dave Babcook said...

All my precious family that served in ww2 are gone now please listen to song i wrote dedicated to ww2 vets You Silent Ones Who Rest In Peace its on you tube type in hanmarbab channel cookbab thanks